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Satta king Gali,Disawar,Gaziabad, Faridabad Full Year Chart

2017 2018 2019 2020
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Hello firends, yaha par aap apna man pasand guesser ko select kar sakte hai game follow karne ke liye

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Free forum pass list
# Name Pass date Game
1 Gali King 07-May Gali
2 Admin Sir 08-May Gaziabad
3 RAHUL786 08-May Faridabad
4 Satta Topper 08-May Faridabad
5 Gali Master 08-May Disawar
6 Gali Master 08-May Disawar
7 Mahumdar 08-May Gali
8 Gali Master 08-May Gali
9 Disawar Guru 08-May Disawar
10 Black King 08-May Gali
11 Raju Boss 09-May Gali
12 Punjabi 09-May Gali
13 RAHUL786 12-May Gali
14 Desi_guy 14-May HR-Super
15 Boss Raja 20-May Disawar
16 Desi_guy 21-May Gali
17 Punjabi 22-May Gaziabad
18 Khan Baba 26-May Disawar
19 Disawar Guru 28-May Gaziabad
20 Pankaj 28-May Faridabad
21 Disawar MD 28-May Gaziabad
22 Salman 786 09-Jun Disawar
23 Shivkumar 09-Jun Disawar
24 Satta don 10-Jun Faridabad
25 Mr. Raj 10-Jun Gali
26 Madam Maya 11-Jun HR-Super
27 Haraf Killer 12-Jun Faridabad
28 Satta Guru 15-Jun Gali
29 Game Killer 01-Jul HR-Super
30 Surjit Singh 02-Jul HR-Super
31 Salman 786 05-Jul Gaziabad
32 Yo Yo Bhai 07-Jul Gali
33 Gali King 08-Jul Disawar
34 Guru Ji 08-Jul Faridabad
35 Tanvar 08-Jul Disawar
36 Kala 08-Jul Gali
37 Jodi Killer 08-Jul Gali
38 Gambler 08-Jul HR-Super
39 Mr. Raj 08-Jul Faridabad
40 Akhilesh 08-Jul Gali
41 Suleman bhai 08-Jul Disawar
42 Rohit King 08-Jul Gali
43 Ustaad 08-Jul HR-Super
44 Single Killer 08-Jul Disawar
45 Saini Boy 08-Jul Gaziabad
46 Salman 786 08-Jul Gaziabad
47 Salman 786 08-Jul Disawar
48 Mastram 08-Jul Gaziabad
49 Punjabi 10-Jul Faridabad
50 Jodi Killer 10-Jul Disawar
51 Maha Guru 12-Jul Gaziabad
52 Black King 19-Jul HR-Super
53 Ustaad 21-Jul Disawar
54 Surjit Singh 21-Jul Gaziabad
55 Punjabi 22-Jul HR-Super
56 Satta Guru 26-Jul Gali
57 Disawar MD 01-Aug HR-Super
58 King Bhai 01-Aug HR-Super
59 Black King 01-Aug Disawar
60 Yo Yo Bhai 01-Aug Gaziabad
61 Disawar MD 01-Aug Gali
62 Gali Master 01-Aug HR-Super
63 Desi_guy 01-Aug Faridabad
64 Satta King 01-Aug HR-Super
65 Madam Maya 01-Aug Faridabad
66 King Guesser 01-Aug Gaziabad
67 Madam Maya 01-Aug Gali
68 Madam Maya 01-Aug HR-Super
69 Jodi Killer 01-Aug Disawar
70 Disawar MD 01-Aug Gaziabad
71 Maha Guru 01-Aug HR-Super
72 Guru Ji 01-Aug Gaziabad
73 Maha Guru 02-Aug HR-Super
74 Khan Baba 02-Aug HR-Super
75 Jodi Killer 02-Aug Gali
76 GALI SATTA 02-Aug Gaziabad
77 Gali Phadu 02-Aug HR-Super
78 Saini Boy 02-Aug Disawar
79 Haraf Killer 02-Aug Faridabad
80 Gali Master 02-Aug Gali
81 Mastram 02-Aug Gaziabad
82 Mr. Raj 02-Aug Gali
83 Kala 02-Aug Gaziabad
84 Akhilesh 02-Aug HR-Super
85 Pankaj 02-Aug Faridabad
86 Jodi Killer 03-Aug Gali
87 Raju Boss 03-Aug Faridabad
88 Akhilesh 03-Aug Gali
89 Kala 03-Aug HR-Super
90 Mastram 03-Aug Faridabad
91 Suleman bhai 03-Aug Gali
92 GALI SATTA 03-Aug Gali
93 Salman 786 03-Aug Gaziabad
94 Khan Baba 03-Aug Gali
95 Single Killer 03-Aug Faridabad
96 Pankaj 03-Aug Gaziabad
97 RAHUL786 03-Aug Gali
98 Raju Boss 03-Aug HR-Super
99 Satta King 03-Aug Disawar
100 Single Killer 04-Aug Faridabad
101 Satta don 04-Aug Faridabad
102 Yo Yo Bhai 04-Aug Faridabad
103 King Bhai 04-Aug Gali
104 VEER BALWAAN 04-Aug Gali
105 Kala 04-Aug Faridabad
106 Raju Boss 04-Aug Gaziabad

Apni Ad jaldi book karo. 5000/- mahina

Full Year Chart 2017-2020

Faridabad 2017 2018 2019 2020
Gaziabad 2017 2018 2019 2020
Gali 2017 2018 2019 2020
Disawar 2017 2018 2019 2020
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